Dream Jiu Jitsu was born out of a deep desire to organize tournaments that genuinely support competitors. Our events are designed to be affordable, accessible, highly organized, and guarantee plenty of experience. Please read about our principles to see what makes Dream BJJ different from other organizations. 


            More Matches


Dream uses a modified double elimination format to ensure competitors have at least 2 matches at every event. Martial arts are ultimately about self improvement and experience is the key to growth.

            Stay Affordable


Jiu Jitsu is a powerful art and can be an important part of our lives. Dream’s biggest priority is to make sure everyone can afford the experience. Establishing a low entry fee is more of a moral imperative than a business strategy.

            No Politics


From the beginning, Dream has been a neutral organization with a staff made up from many different teams. Dream aspires to be a tournament that brings to the community together. We only work to benefit Jiu Jitsu. 

            Stay on Time


We obsess over the details of each event to make sure everything runs on time. Competitors are kept up to date with any organizational changes.



            Consistent Growth


Dream is continually making upgrades to the events. We believe there is always more we can do for competitors.


            The Most Fun


The Dream Kids Championships are the most fun events in the world. We design the best shirts and even give out goody bags to all kids. Occasionally, our events are themed to make them even more special. These are our most popular events!