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Dream Jiu Jitsu is committed to verifying the age of every child and juvenile athlete that registers for our competitions. This ensures the accuracy and integrity of the Dream Tournaments and is done free of charge. The process takes place once a competitor registers for their first Dream event. The most common questions are answered below:

1. How do I submit age verification for my child?

  • Please send a photo or scan of a government- or school-issued identification to This just needs to show the competitor's full name and birth date.

2. Does my child have to be verified before I register them for a Dream tournament?

  • No. We recommend submitting your document only after you have successfully registered for a tournament. 

3. Do I have to send age verification for my child every time I sign them up for a Dream tournament?

  • No. Our age verification is a one-time only, free process. Once you have sent over your child’s age verification, your child is in our database until they turn 18, or, until you request that your child be removed from our database.

4. Is there age verification at the tournament; do I need to bring my child’s age verification document to the tournament?

  • No, we do not do any age verification on tournament day. All age verification documents must be sent in to us before tournament day; therefore, there is no need to bring your child’s age verification with you to the tournament.

5. What forms of age verification are accepted?

  • Birth Certificates --- full page copy must contain the following information: child’s full name, child’s date of birth, parent’s name (s), mark of an appropriate government agency

  • Medical records --- must have child’s full name and date of birth; e.g. immunization records, patient visit summary from doctor’s office, etc.

  • School records --- must have child’s full name and date of birth; e.g. school registration forms, report cards, etc.

  • Passports or Passport ID cards

  • California ID cards

  • Insurance Cards --- must have child’s full name and date of birth


6. What forms of age verification are not accepted?

  • Other Organizations ID card --- The ID card of another tournament organization cannot be used to verify your child's age for Dream tournaments. While we understand that other federations have established age verification, it is important that we have our own database with official documents.

  • School ID cards

  • Hospital Birth Certificates --- The birth certificates issued by the hospital are not accepted because typically do not have the mark of a government agency on them. These hospital certificates are meant more as a souvenir for the parents; they are not official documents, and therefore cannot be used to age-verify your child for our tournament.

  • Social Security Cards --- Please DO NOT send us your child’s social security card and/or number; we cannot use an SSN to age-verify your child.

7. Do I have to send my child’s birth certificate AND secondary evidence?

  • No. You only need to send secondary evidence if you are unable, or unwilling, to send us your child’s birth certificate. “Secondary evidence” is any of our other accepted forms of age verification, besides a birth certificate; for example, medical records, school records, passports, etc.

8. How does Dream ensure that my child’s information is kept safe and secure?

  • Age verification, and you and your child’s, privacy and safety is a serious matter. Dream conducts the age verification process in accordance to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Rule (COPPA Rule). More information about the COPPA Rule can be found on the FTC’s website, If you have any further questions regarding the safety and security of our age verification process and/or database, please do not hesitate to contact us.

9. Will I receive an email confirmation?

  • You may only receive an email response if there is an issue with the documents submitted.

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