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Coach Badges

1. Who qualifies for coach badge?

Any academy with two or more competitors registered qualifies for one coach badge. The policy beyond that is 1 coach badge for every 6 competitors from the same academy. 


2. How to register for a Coach badge?

The head instructor of the academy must contact us to register the name(s) of the coach(s) who will pick up the badge.


3. What is a Coach badge?

A Coach badge allows access inside the competition area to coach from the mats. Without a coach badge, you won’t be allowed inside the competition area and will have to cheer on and give instructions from the barricades.


4. How to pick up the Coach badge?

Before you enter the tournament, go to the Badge Table and show proper identification to receive your Coach badge. A free spectator band will be given to the person registered for the Coach badge.

Don't see your name?

To make changes to the coach list, please email Please include which academy you are requesting the change for.

Student to Coach Badge Ratio Table:

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