Frequently Asked Questions

Divisions and Bracketing

How do you form divisions for competitors?

There are 4 variables that competitors are strictly matched by: Boy/Girl, Belt Rank, Weight Class, and Age. Teammates in the same division will be placed on opposite ends of the bracket. 

What if my child doesn't have anyone in their division?

With so many variables, it's expected that some kids will be alone in their division. In this case, the organizer can combine them with a division no greater difference than 1 year in age or 1 weight class. This is known as a combination division. Dream creates these divisions in order for every child to benefit from the experience of at least 2 matches. 

What if my child doesn't have a match within those guidelines?

If a combination division cannot be formed within the "1 year/1 weight" guidelines, parents are contacted to discuss options. If we absolutely cannot find a suitable and safe match for a child the parents can contact Dream for a registration credit. This must be done 48 hours before the event date.

What if teammates are in the same division?

Teammates in the same division will be placed on opposite ends of the bracket to avoid competing against each other. A parent can also request to move their child to an older/heavier division to avoid facing a teammate. All requests must be submitted 48 hours before the event date.

Do you publish the brackets and competitor list?

Dream publishes the competitor list and brackets for every event. However, due to kids dropping out, missing weight, or not showing up at all, brackets are subject to change. Any errors should be addressed by email before the scheduled event date.

Does Dream combine Orange and Green belt competitors?

Orange and Green belt competitors can compete in the same weight/age brackets. These divisions are commonly thin and combining divisions will give competitors more experience. This is determined during the bracket making process. 

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Rules During Matches

What are the rules at Dream Jiu Jitsu tournaments?

Dream Jiu Jitsu follows the standards of older organizations with a few notable exceptions to accomodate our format. Dream uses a double elimination format, with no advantages, and a 2 minute "first point wins" overtime in case of a tie. The rules will continue to be updated to adapt to new scenarios. All specific questions should be sent by email.

What techniques are illegal?

Please refer to the IBJJF rulebook (page 24) for a list of illegal techniques in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Does Dream use "advantages" in scoring?

Dream tournaments do not use an "advantage" system. To score points, competitors must complete the technique, demonstrate control, and be free from any submission holds.

What happens if there is a tie in points?

In the case of a tie and no submission, competitors enter a 2 minute, "sudden death" overtime round. The rules of the overtime rounds can be found here.

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Weight and Weigh Ins

What are the weight classes for kids/teens at Dream Jiu Jitsu?

Dream has new weight classes for 2018! Every weight class is designed to place kids together with no more than a 13% difference in weight. Wearing the gi is optional during weigh ins.

When can I weigh in at the competition?

Dream has a flexible weigh in system. You can weigh in anytime between the opening of the tournament up until 1 hour before your scheduled division begins. For example, if you are competing at 2:15pm you can weigh in anytime from 8:00 - 1:15pm.


What should I wear during weigh ins?

Children do not have to wear their gi during weigh ins. However, children cannot strip down to their underwear to make weight. If you believe you will miss weight with normal clothes or a gi, we suggest that you move up weight so that there is less stress involved about weighing in.

Can I change my weight class after I register?

Yes! Please inform us as soon as possible so we can make the changes. Keeping our information updated helps the event stay organized and on schedule. 

My child is at the weight limit, what do I do?

Kids and teens are always growing. It's normal for a child to grow bigger from the day they registered and the day the compete. We believe young children should eat normally before a tournament and not restrict their diets or cut weight. We recommend you take that into account when you register for a weight class. Dream events are competitive, but they are meant to be fun. 

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Missing Weight Penalties

How can I avoid having my child miss their weight limit?

Email the staff if your child is over their registered weight class. If your child is within 1lb of the limit, consider moving them up so that they can eat comfortably. Sometimes, the difference isn’t that great. A 109lb child moving up to 110-120lbs is only a possible 9% difference in weight.

Will my child be disqualified for missing weight?

A competitor who weighs in over 0.99lbs over their registered weight group is considered to have missed weight. A child is not disqualified from competition and the staff will attempt to find a new bracket for them. However, missing weight has consequences and penalties, listed below.

Consequences for Missing Weight

There is no guarantee that another bracket will be available with similar competitors.

There is no guarantee that an available bracket hasn’t already started in the schedule.

There is no guarantee that your child will receive 2 matches if a bracket cannot be found.

There is no guarantee to have an exhibition match with a similar opponent of age/weight/rank.


If a bracket is found for a child that missed weight, their medal in the division will not contributed to the overall team scores of their academy.

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Registration Issues

My academy isn't listed

New academies are signing up for Dream at every event. Please contact us immediately so we can add your academy to our database. Doing so allows you to submit coaches for an event and secure team points during the competition.

I registered, but we can no longer attend.

We understand that things happen and plans can change: Injuries, sickness, emergencies, etc. As long as you notify us well before the tournament, we will credit your registration for any future Dream event. No questions asked! We want you to compete at Dream when you're ready.

Refund Policy

The registration fee is non-refundable.  Please check above FAQ section titled "What if my child doesn't have a match," for more details.

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