Sunday, June 12, 2022

The third Dream Kids tournament of 2022! This tournament is for the "E" medal in our D-R-E-A-M series.

For the past 5 years of Dream Kids tournaments, every event has sold out within 2-5 weeks of opening registration. Always register as early as possible for any Dream tournaments to secure your child's spot!

Maximum capacity: 650 competitors.


Rock N Roll


Santiago Canyon College

8045 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869


Gi Tournament - all gi colors permitted

Double Elimination - 2 matches guaranteed

650 competitor maximum capacity



Ages: Birth years 2007 - 2018

Belts: White - Green belts

**In order to form a division, groups may include competitors within one birth year of each other.


Weight Classes:

Please be sure to weigh your child to ensure you sign him or her up for the correct division.

THERE IS NO WEIGHT ALLOWANCE AND COMPETITORS MAY NOT WEIGH IN WEARING ONLY THEIR UNDERWEAR. Please keep this in mind when choosing a weight class for your child.

Registration Prices:

$59 until April 18

$69 until May 6

$79 until June 3

**Registration prices include one FREE spectator!

Registration CLOSES on June 3 or when we reach maximum 650 competitor capacity - whichever is first.


All Other Spectators:
$8 cash per person at the entrance.


June 4 will be the LAST day to submit any registration changes. After this date, there will be no more changes or credits. No exceptions.

Registration corrections can be made within your smoothcomp account once you are registered, or by emailing

Schedule Posted: 6/7/2022

Brackets Posted: 6/7/2022



Instead of DQing competitors who miss weight, we will attempt to find a new bracket for them, but a match is not guaranteed.


Competitors who miss weight will forfeit any possible team points should they place in any other division.


Because it is the responsibility of the parent to check the competitor list and ensure they signed their child up for the correct division, we will not grant refunds if your child misses weight and is unable to find a match.

THERE IS NO WEIGHT ALLOWANCE. For example, if the division is Up to 80.9lbs, then a competitor weighing in at 81.0lbs would be missing weight.


For any questions, please contact: