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Dream Jiu Jitsu follows the standards of bigger organizations with a few exceptions and changes of our own. While we want our competitors to play by the same rules as everyone else, ultimately competition should be designed for you to become a better grappler. We believe our rules and format reflect that idea. All questions should be sent by email.


All Baddest Blue tournaments are submission only with no time limit.


Submission Only

Submission only, no points or advantages.

Time Limit

There is no time limit. Matches will end once a submission is achieved.


If a submission is not achieved during the time limit, competitors will enter overtime.

  1. Overtime rounds will begin in the armbar position (one arm threaded through opponent's arm for the armbar, the other hand on the mat).

  2. A coin will be flipped to decide which competitor chooses to be in the offensive or defensive position first.

  3. Competitors will have a chance to either attack or escape.

  4. Each competitor will have a chance at both offense and defense, meaning there are 2 overtime rounds total.

Win criteria for overtime rounds:

  1. If one competitor submits his/her opponent and the other does not, the competitor who earned the submission is declared the winner.

  2. If both submit their opponents, the competitor who earned the fastest submission is declared the winner.

  3. If both escape, the competitor with the fastest escape time is declared the winner.

  4. ONLY if there is an exact tie, the overtime round will begin again.

For any questions, please email

Leg Reaping

Leg reaping will be allowed at blue belt and above, however all belts must still follow the legal submission guidelines outlined below.

Legal Submissions

At purple belt and above, all submissions are legal with the exception of the leg lock system explained below.

White and blue belts are not allowed to use slicers, neck cranks, or spine locks.

Legal submissions for kids follow the same guidelines as IBJJF Legal Submissions.

Progressive Leg Lock System

The following submissions are LEGAL leg locks per belt level (Juvenile and older). If it is not listed here, it is not legal at that belt level. Please send us an email if you have any questions.


Straight ankle locks


If you have any questions, please email


Straight ankle locks



Straight ankle locks


Calf slicers


Straight ankle locks


Calf slicers

Toe holds


Straight ankle locks


Calf slicers

Toe holds

Heel hooks

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