Dream Jiu Jitsu follows the standards of bigger organizations with a few exceptions and changes of our own. While we want our competitors to play by the same rules as everyone else, ultimately competition should be designed for you to become a better grappler. We believe our rules and format reflect that idea. All questions should be sent by email.


All Baddest Blue tournaments are submission only with no time limit.

Baddest Blue Format

Submission Only

Baddest Blue tournaments are submission only and will not have points or advantages.

Time Limit

No Time Limit

Legal Submissions

All divisions will follow the IBJJF Legal Technique system with the below exceptions:

Kneebars are legal.

Twisters are legal.

These additional submissions are added in order to have more options to end a match.

There are no points or advantages. A match can only end in submission or disqualification.


A competitor will be disqualified if they break established grappling norms,

attempt an illegal technique*, strike or slam their opponent, crank their

opponent’s neck (can opener, etc), bending fingers, etc.

*The referee will determine whether an attempt of an illegal technique is

accidental or intentional. If you are reaping the knee of your opponent, the referee will

pause the match and reset the legs into a legal position to continue the match.

If you transition from a straight ankle lock to a heel hook, the referee will disqualify you.

Age Divisions

Adults, Masters, and Juveniles can all enter the Baddest Blue.

Weigh Ins

All weigh ins are conducted without the gi.

All weigh ins are conducted on the day of the competition.

Weight Classes

196lbs and Over




160lbs and Over


If you have any questions, please email dreambjj@gmail.com.