All Dream Events have been suspended until conditions are safe to resume competitions. All athletes registered for a postponed event have been credited for future tournaments. 

We have reserved dates for a tournament in July, September, November, and February 2021, but they will be open on the condition that large gatherings are once again safe and legal to hold. We hope you are all staying safe and healthy!


Our competition format guarantees exciting matches. We believe a different experience provides better learning for your Jiu Jitsu.

We make uniquely designed shirts for every event. Kids receive themed 

goodie bag at events and never leave empty handed. 

We host events at nearly half the price of standard fees. We believe Jiu Jitsu should be affordable for everyone who wants to compete.

Expect professional levels of bracketing, scheduling, and customer service. We want all competitors to benefit from a pleasant experience.

We are a neutral organization. We have no affiliation and our staff is diverse. Dream is  dedicated to serving the community.






Dream Jiu Jitsu is a grassroots organization bringing the grappling community together through quality and affordable competitions. Whether you grapple as a hobby or as a career, whether you fight for fun or are trying to prove yourself a champion, we are all fueled by the same passion to build skill and character. Our vision is a tournament system that helps pursue your dreams.